Some are calling upon him to demonstrate the evidence of the doctrine of necessity. In the old colonial days, much of what was deliberated was often decided in advance by judicious consultation between the chiefs and the colonial administrators. Although Ratu Mara did not resign as President, the Commodore assumed power and imposed martial law. It is an absolutely free choice’. This means the so called clean up will eventually become very dirty even dirtier then before by the new beginning!!! It is not surprising therefore to read of Ratu Mara’s expressed concerns.

In other words, the people of Fiji, including the commoner Fijians, had exercised their democratic right to choose who should lead the Government of Fiji. It had been felt that more than time after coupmany of the top military officials were entangled within the web of indigenous extremism introduced about with this particular coup. But as one reviewer of Scarr’s book put it, ‘the Fijian people cannot afford to contract out of the 20th century and seek succour in the traditional society of Sukuna’s childhood’. Butadroka was quick to respond: One would thus imagine that if an equivalent chief from another province challenged Ratu Sir Kamisese, the Alliance question would be: Solomon, told the Education Commission:

As a Maori professor, Ranginui Walker, declared in Auckland in Misinformed duh in your dreams. The individual’s democratic right to vote in our political system does not mean that he has to vote for a chief. Shortly after the first coup Rabuka wanted to exclude commoners from the Great Council of Chiefs altogether: The Council also resolved that the two resolutions be forwarded for inclusion on the agenda of the Great Council of Chiefs meeting scheduled for November Monday, August 23, Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator

We have made a tragic mistake in India in raising up a few to inordinate heights of suitable education and thus divorcing them from usefulness to the Commonwealth.

It is a system for which we have the deepest respect and which we will defend. The real question is why didn’t they take concerted action?


The Council also proposed that the composition of the House of Representatives should be two-third Fijian and one-third all other races.

Every time I come around to read what’s going on, I see these uninformed people making wild tehsis and innuendos about all and sundry. A very good and logical point on why by-laws just won’t work since history has clearly given the reasons for it during the colonial era.

On 16 Decemberspeaking in the Legislative Council, Ratu Mara, while arguing against common roll which would bring Indo-Fijian domination, argued that it was European culture ‘to which only we will submit as Fijians, and to no other culture’.

There was no rival government in waiting. Maybe it’s because of the Fijian culture that he is a big chief and because he was groomed well by the colonial government’.

The reason why they do not care to work more for themselves is that your chiefly exactions prevent them from gaining anything for themselves-and property to make life interesting to them…Do you know what we mean by the word ‘individuality’? For many years Fiji has been held up to the world as a multi-racial society which works-where two races with widely disparate religions, culture and ethnic backgrounds have lived and worked harmoniously for a hundred years. What is sure is that a Rwanda or a Uganda is in the making if no resolution is found to the standoff between the chiefs and auyaz military.

The only reservation I make of the Great Council of Chiefs is that we do not hear enough from them.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

I thought they are handing back cane land back to the landowners for those leases are expired and not advertising it for economic life of the nation. A former chairman of the Levuka School Board, D. But one Tevita Vakalomaloma argued five years later 2 Februaryin a letter to the Fiji Times to the contrary: Alan Burns led this commission and the report was known as the Burns Commission.

Ratu Sukuna’s view on the rightful education of Fijian commoners may be the starting point of the historical departure.


aiyaz khaiyum thesis

We have no need for your system, your democracy. Management and negotiation Components of the criminal justice system essay A permanent solution for a temporary Medias effect on teens Getting a book published Eberhard jungel theological essays Introduction paragraph for drug abuse essay How to write an executive summary for a marketing research report Can anyone can be a successful War crimes and the international community essay Homestead strike labor union negotiated for better wages and working conditions.

They have all arrived and I have printed two of them. People’s behaviour cannot be programmed like a computer.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

He further maintained that the political nature of the crisis confronting the people of Fiji could not be discussed without a closer look at the state structure built up during the colonial period. Through the system of indirect rule, evolved by Lord Lugard in West Africa, and applied by his successors thessis, separate Fijian institutions were established to facilitate ruling them.

The Alliance Party responded in kind. He also lodged a formal complaint to the Director of Public Prosecutions khiyum him to investigate whether Ratu Mara’s remarks contravened the Public Order Act, under which Butadroka was jailed for six months in for inciting racial hatred.

Let us however hope that the Commodore remains out of the seat of power.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

Hence inthe colonial government abolished the Native Administration and the village bylaws. This is particularly invidious when the leaders themselves have amassed huge personal wealth by making use of their traditional and political aiayz. He knew that the coup was supposed to be led by the military man heading the police, Isikia Savua, but he was going to be out of town in Norway to ensure that his name wouldn’t be linked to the conspiracy.

He was the person Speight was calling from Parliament and when he didn’t turn up, Speight himself became the leader of that coup.