Promoting female education will clearly help to fill the security gap in Afghanistan, ergo draining the Taliban of its recruitment power. We can put Honduras on the path to becoming a safer and more stable country with a freer market economy. A study of Bangladeshi micro-credit programs reports that household consumption was proportionally sixty-four percent higher when women were the participants than when men were Pitt and Khandker Donations to the FAD are fully tax deductible. Loaning what is, to the loaner, a relatively small amount of capital can help set the recipient individual or community on a path to economic security. When household welfare increases and families can rise from poverty, their members are less likely to resort to joining the Taliban to support themselves financially.

Through our grant, we can increase the amount of long term donors for these charities. Entries from home-schooled students are also accepted. They will diffuse laptops to local CSOs on a case-by-case basis, depending on which are able to accept them and when. Using USAID, we could provide house visits on the behalf of microfinance charities to find suitable recipients. Month of Microfinance, 17 Apr.

In the first half ofTaliban forces caused the deaths of 4, Afghan security personnel and wounded 8, in addition to causing 1, civilian casualties and 3, injuries. This also allows us to identify and exclude those unsuitable for loans, as those in too desperate wssay a position to take loans to start businesses would have been forced to sell these assets beforehand.

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However, Facebook charges a premium for good advertising. Loaning what is, to the loaner, a relatively small amount of capital can help set the recipient individual or community on a path to economic security.


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This is contedt that we, as the State Department, could easily rectify with relatively little capital spent on our end. In addition, an interconnected online network among women will facilitate the reporting of security threats, thus enabling National Security Forces to respond more quickly.

Finally, and possibly most valuable, the assets of potential candidates can act as collateral, something that they can sell in case they cannot repay their loans Kiiru, My plan will help these girls become doctors—or lawyers, or esaay, or business owners—but most importantly, it will help them become peacemakers. United States Institute of Peace, Dec. Our goal is to make them into professionals. Thus, I will analyze regional security risks and potential economic gains to create individualized plans for disseminating educational resources that involve minimal safety concerns and a low risk-benefit ratio.

Winners will be notified by phone in early June. Previous first-place winners and immediate relatives of directors or staff of the AFSA and Semester at Sea are not eligible to participate.

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Social media websites are some of the most visited in the world. Asa for the World’s Best Investment. United States Agency for International Development. Cable News Network, 9 Oct.

Results will be posted on this page in July United States Department of State. Filling the Afghan Security Gap: Ideas Worth Spreading, Mar. As Jed Feldman showed in his paper, The Statistical Correlation between Crime and Povertythere is a positive relation between poverty and crime.


afsa essay contest 2015

We appreciate your willingness to contribute. However, lack of technical training or business knowledge on part of the borrowers has often obstructed microcredit programs Humphrey. Generally, women who have higher incomes spend them on their families. One Laptop Per Child.

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By Sperling, Gene B. Government agencies have often mobilized mothers for microfinance projects to kick-start small-scale entrepreneurship. It would be most effective to pay per click, as each person who does so is showing contrst interest in the charity, rather than merely having it appear in some small corner of their screen that they may never notice.

Thus, our chief strategy will be to disseminate educational technologies—rather than solely build schools—so that women can flexibly adapt their educational schedules to regional conditions. By performing house visits with USAID personnel we would help ensure that any prospective recipients are suitable for microcredit, and by making a one-time grant we can promote the long-term sustainability of these charities.

The New York Times, 20 July United States Agency for International Development, n. To build sustainable peace, we must do more than address the symptoms of the conflict: Additionally, Taliban violence directly harms U.