You acceded to the request. Upacharya , Vishwa Bharati — Thank You for Your Contribution! Patel Venkatraman Ramakrishnan K. I do not know whether you still remember that somebody from Calcutta asked your permission to translate your papers on Relativity in English. After completing his MSc, Bose joined the University of Calcutta as a research scholar in and started his studies in the theory of relativity.

Thus he stressed the probability of finding particles in the phase space , each state having volume h 3 , and discarding the distinct position and momentum of the particles. While presenting a lecture [22] at the University of Dhaka on the theory of radiation and the ultraviolet catastrophe , Bose intended to show his students that the contemporary theory was inadequate, because it predicted results not in accordance with experimental results. Essay on Srinivasa Ramanujan. Besides physics Bose had a lot of interest in many other fields like biochemistry and literature. He wrote a covering letter saying:.

Patel Venkatraman Ramakrishnan K.

Bose’s work stood at the transition between the ‘old quantum theory’ of Planck, Bohr and Einstein and the new quantum mechanics of SchrodingerHeisenbergWhortDirac and others.

It was an exciting era in the history of scientific progress. Unlike fermions, bosons not only can but prefer to occupy identical quantum states.

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Through these terms his name is rightly known and remembered, for indeed his contributions are remarkable, especially given the fact that he made his important discoveries working in isolation from the mainstream developments in Europe. All content from Kiddle encyclopedia articles including the article images and facts can be freely used under Attribution-ShareAlike license, unless stated otherwise.


He was awarded a B. He did not have a doctorate, and so ordinarily, under the prevailing regulations, he would not be qualified for the post of Professor he applied for, but Einstein recommended him. It deals with logical reasoning and quantitative calculation, and its development has involved an increasing degree of idealization essaj abstraction of its subject matter.

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While he was in Berlin, Bose attended a course on quantum theory given by Born. The main contributions of Satyendranath Bose were his papers on statistical mechanics, the electromagnetic properties of the ionosphere, the dssay of X-ray and many more.

KothariS. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy. Besides physics Bose had a lot of interest in many other fields like biochemistry and literature.

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Then he was in the fourth standard and scored marks out of Inhe became a Fellow of the Royal Society. His greatest honor was election to the Royal Society of London in Gill Hafiz Mohamad Ibrahim H. Keep Exploring Britannica Leonardo da Vinci. He could speak several languages and pn very well play a musical instrument known by the name Esraj.

The high regard with which Bose was held in India can hardly be appreciated in the West, where respect satyendr old age is much less developed than it is in India. Satyendra served his almamater in this capacity for five years from to and then joined Dacca University.


a short essay on satyendra nath bose

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a short essay on satyendra nath bose

Bose was born in Kolkata, India on January 1, as the eldest and only male child of his family. From tohe was a lecturer in the physics department of the University of Calcutta.

He was given more marks than because he had solved some problems by more than one method. His research papers were of aa original values which were all published in international magazines of great repute. Although several Nobel Prizes were awarded for research related essaay the concepts of the bosonBose—Einstein statistics and Bose—Einstein condensateBose himself was not awarded a Nobel Prize.

His love and interest in science was apparent from his childhood.

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Satyendra Bose was married on Shorh 5, to Usha Devi. Contact our editors with your feedback. Banerji Mirza Hameedullah Beg P. He now had the chance of meeting European scientists and travelled first to Paris where he met Langevin and de Broglie. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. He also taught courses to graduates and undergraduates there and set up research laboratories for students.