A password will be e-mailed to you. Satyendra Nath began his education at an elementary school in Calcutta before entering the Hindu School in In the year Bose presented a seminal paper on quantum statistics. Views Read Edit View history. Velocity-distribution data of a gas of rubidium atoms, confirming the discovery of a new phase of matter, the Bose—Einstein condensate. Initially his paper was not given much importance but when Einstein later realised the importance of his paper he submitted his paper to a prestigious authority and as a result Bose got the chance to leave India for the first time.

Calcutta , India [1]. The high regard with which Bose was held in India can hardly be appreciated in the West, where respect for old age is much less developed than it is in India. Dutta for the Nobel Prize in Physics, for his contribution to Bose—Einstein statistics and the unified field theory. Math Satyendra Nath Bose. His exceptional intellectual powers were evident even in his school days. Classical mechanics Old quantum theory Bra—ket notation Hamiltonian Interference. He also taught courses to graduates and undergraduates there and set up research laboratories for students.

Retrieved 21 September Padma Vibhushan Fellow of the Royal Society.

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But it should be noted at this juncture that during his lifetime Bose had been made the General President of Indian Science Congress and in he was made ln fellow of the Royal Society. In the process of describing this discrepancy, Bose for the first time took the position that the Maxwell—Boltzmann distribution would not be true for microscopic particles, where fluctuations due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle will be significant.

a short essay on satyendra nath bose

This paper was seminal in creating the very important field of quantum statistics. A password will be e-mailed to you.


a short essay on satyendra nath bose

Inhe became a Fellow of the Shprt Society. Thus he stressed the probability of finding particles in the phase spaceeach state having volume h 3and discarding the distinct position and momentum of the particles.

Bose was appointed as a Nafh in physics at the University of Dacca in and taught there untilbeing a professor and head of the physics department from They had five children, three daughters and two sons.

Inhe was appointed as the National Professor, the highest honour in the country for a scholar, a position he held for 15 years. When Bose himself was once asked that question, he simply replied, “I have got all the recognition I deserve”— probably because in the realms of science to which he belonged, what is important is not a Nobel, but whether one’s name will live on in scientific discussions in the decades to come.

This page was last edited on 28 Aprilat A self-taught scholar and a polymathhe had a wide range of interests in varied fields including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, mineralogyphilosophy, arts, literature, and music.

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He was given more marks than because he had solved naht problems by more than one method. Satyendra was a brilliant student from the very beginning and always stood at the top in his class. He was the only son, with six sisters after him. Satyendra Nath was born in Calcutta on the first of January,in a high caste Kayastha family with two generations of English education bosw him. As it was, he continued to study physics and mathematics and was appointed to the newly opened University College of Science in Calcutta in Parameswaran Amrita Pritam K.

CalcuttaIndia [1]. Though a complete stranger to you, I do not feel any hesitation in making such a request.


In the broadest sense, physics from the Greek physikos is concerned with all aspects of nature on both the macroscopic and submicroscopic levels.

Retrieved from ” https: He and Bose continued to present aa on physics and mathematics, even after Bose was appointed as a lecturer of physics at the University of Dacca in Bose had also carried deep studies in the field of chemistry, zoology, geology, anthropology, engineering and other sciences. Satyendranath being Bengali in origin did a lot to promote the Bengali Language.

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Satyendra Nath Bose, along with Saha, presented several papers in theoretical physics and pure mathematics from onwards. Satyendra compared his findings with mathematical techniques of ancient Rome and China and concluded that Indian technique was older and more sophisticated.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Because we are all your pupils though profiting only by your teachings through your writings. Bose stopped publishing papers for a long time after his return and instead chose to focus on other fields such as philosophy, literature and the Indian independence movement.

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The teachers soon became aware that Satyendra will in future become a great scientist and mathematician. Sateyndra continued guiding and teaching at Dhaka University.

Dutta for the Nobel Prize in Physics, for his contribution to Bose—Einstein statistics and the unified field theory.